A note about Rocephin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI met a young mother in the waiting room a the infusion center. It was like looking in the mirror twenty years ago. She was clearly unwell, thin, and upset. She has Lyme Disease. She had to go through the same route practically all of us have to go through – misdiagnosis, refusal to treat. She finally found a neurologist that would treat her two months (!!!) with IV Rocephin. He is not a LLMD and he started her off on straight drip, not timed. She was rushed to the emergency department because she has a “heart event.” She described it as a intense burning in her chest and heart pain. After she gotscan0004 out of the hospital she returned to the infusion center to get 2grams of IV Rocephin over 30 minutes for only two months. I could recognize her look in her eyes that said “this isn’t supposed to happen to me. I’m a young mother and I have to take care of my kids.”

I had the same thing happened to me the first time I went into to get the IV treatment. The nurse stopped the IV treatment and gave me Benadryl, and had an EPI pen on stand by. She phoned my doctor. Fortunately, I have LLMD, and she identified it as an allergy. She prescribed IV 25 mg Benadryl right before the Rocephin drip, and 25mg on stand by. She ordered the  IV Rocephin drip josh in New Jerseyto be 90 minutes long for 2grams. And I have carry Benadryl and an Epi pen always. That did the trick. It is great to have a doctor who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately, my voice wasn’t working that day as I tried to tell her this. She didn’t understand me and she had to go. I thought I would see her again but I never did.







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