Sometimes happiness happens…

blue berries along the pathSometimes I have to remind myself…

…that I have fought along hard fight to stave off the effects of this illness. Along the way I was mostly happy. Just last night I shared with my husband the sound of my laughter and my voice on these videos that were taken 4 years ago. We were visiting my mom at her summer house in Tilting, Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Although I was sick, I was still able to get around, and I hadn’t lost my voice yet. I love islands, northern islands, coastal California islands, and tropical islands. Fogo Island has a special place in my heart. It welcomed me since I was ten years old. The island is so beautiful – there is no strip malls, movie theaters, and very few restaurants. People are so authentic and warm on the island. I took pleasure in sharing it with my kids…


Newfie pony foal – Change Islands

I share this with you because sometimes we need smiles and laughter to give ourselves a break…

Joe Batts Arm see-saw, Caroline and Josh



Fogo Island music – Aaron Cobb, Josh, Arielle, Mom and me




humpbacks off of Joe Batts Arm harbor

mom and dick at nicole's_edited-1

I hope I brought a smile to your face, and hopefully brought back lovely memories of your own!

Love to all…


Sand Shark….

Sand Shark….


Sand Shark!!!

Sand Shark!!!












4 thoughts on “Sometimes happiness happens…

  1. My son Allan had his house restored on Kelly’s Island. Peter and I try to get out there every two years. I would give my heart and soul to live on the Island for a year just to be able to experience the coziness of the little house and the outside winter wind. We were able to spend one Christmas in the house . That celebration we will never forget. Even went to the forest and cut down our Christmas tree, cooked turkey, gifts and Mass. The old wood stove celebrated in it’s own comforting way. Yes Caroline, If the weather was a bit better, I’d live there in a flash I’d take with me my quilting and my watercolors and brushes, a few books and really start to live at the age of eighty.


  2. Caroline, I must mention to you about the book Peter wrote about his growing up in Tilting.
    The title is “A LIFES JOURNEY” Cherished Family and Friends.
    by Peter Justin Dwyer. Can be bought on Amazon. To find it go by the author’s full name as there seems to be other Peter Dwyers’. Do try to get it he is a wonderful writer. There are also stories in the book of our travels.

    Regards Gwen Dwyer.


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