Join Me!!!!

the may day project


I am going!!!!!

Thrilled to be joining other protestors. My mom has graciously offered to take me. I will be on the East Coast for my mom’s retirement ceremony from Rutgers (yeah, she’s famous in the international science community). This is my first trip flying back East since 2012. I am confident that I can do it – I am going to take it slowly. It is going to be so good to see my family!!!!! And ever since I received the diagnosis of Lyme Disease and TBD, I knew what I wanted to do. To become an advocate for proper, humane, responsible medical treatment and to raise awareness of the gross corruption of the IDSA and the CDC.

This from the site for the protest:

Join Us – May 22nd & 23rd 2014

IDSA Headquarters Arlington, VA

MayDay 2014: This year we will be demanding change. We ask that you strongly consider attending for two days that will bring real change. Bring friends, family, and anyone else that you can grab. We will be hammering the IDSA and CDC from every angle. Not only will we be surrounding the IDSA headquarters in Arlington, VA. right outside of Washington DC, a billboard truck with our demands will be circling the building for two full days. Their social media pages, email addresses, fax machines and phone lines will be flooded, as well as hard copies mailed and hand delivered with our demands and stories. This will happen for two long days. Media coverage will be present to capture this. The full two days will be live streaming the event. Change happens this year, be a part of that change. Come and join us May 22nd and 23rd as we swarm and protest the IDSA. Don’t be on the fence, come out and fight for your life! We need you and your help!
Find out more about the May Day Project here:

Join me!!!!


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