To Be By Your Side


“To be with you in the valley where we dare not speak..”

Nick Cave, and the movie Winged Migrations.

This is one of my favorite pieces about love.




6 thoughts on “To Be By Your Side

    • Thanks – glad you enjoyed it! Sometimes I have to be reminded of the bigger picture, and the best way for me is through the arts and nature. I have been a listener to Nick Cave ever since I saw in Wings of Desire. I used this video in my work with couples…but it applies to all safe relationships. By your side back at you…


  1. Youve made it impossible to unsubscribe … I care about this issue, it directly affects me, but, I would prefer following you on fb. Its not ok to make it so difficult to Unsubscribe … people with Lyme and other Auto-immune illness dont need things to be made harder. Food for thought .


    • I don’t know how to unsubscribe. I assure I didn’t do anything to make it impossible to unsubscribe. That is on WordPress. Have you looked on Help or Support how to unsubscribe? I wish you well and I hope we will connect on FB. Love and light – Caroline


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