Help is on the on the way

navarrobeach2012 5I can’t remember where I got this list from. Probably from Lisa Hilton’s

Here is a great list of medical financial assistance:

Needy Meds

Demystifying Needy Meds Card (when it can help withor without insurance):

Lyme disease NeedyMeds Resource Page

Financial Assistance Information from National Institutes of Health

Lyme Aid 4 Kids (Patients Under Age 21)

Lyme Grants

Lyme Light Foundation (FinancialAssistance for Lyme Treatment for Patients ages 3-25)

Net Wish

What is Lyme Resources

Bridges to Access

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Prescription Hope

Rx Assist

AAA Members Prescription Savings

GlaxoSmithKline Bridges to Access

Transportation Assistance and Free Air Fare

Payment to Caregivers

Free Drug Card (Rx FinancialAssistance)

Modest Needs

Clinic of Angels

Lyme Disease Fundraisers

Saving Money on Lab Testing

Government Benefits by State:

Feeding America (Nationwide Food Bank Locator)

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (Services Available to Older and Disabled Americans)

Suggestions for Getting By on a Limited Budget

Financial Assistance for Canadians with Lyme disease

Infusing for Lymies (Free Online Book with Suggestions on Saving Money with IV Treatment)

Filing for Disability When You Have Lyme Disease (Wide Variety of Free and Reduced-cost Health Services)

Start a Gofundme fundraiser. Notify me and I will share your fundraiser.

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